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Investor Relations

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As a company, we understand the trust and confidence our customers place in us to supply high quality drinking water every day and our business has been fulfilling this vital role in the communities we serve for over a hundred years.

This Investor Relations area is focused on providing information relevant to debt investors, other financial creditors and credit analysts but is open to all interested stakeholders of Affinity Water. Within this section of our website, you will find information including our financial results, operational performance, debt financing and credit ratings.


2016/2017 Highlights

  • We achieved our stretching regulatory leakage target, reducing leakage by 7.9 Megalitres per day to 173.0 Megalitres per day compared to our 2015/16 performance of 180.9 Megalitres per day.

  • We continued to provide high quality water in terms of our mean zonal compliance of 99.96 for the 2016 calendar year, compared to a target of 99.95% and actual performance in 2015 of 99.99%

  • Work is being undertaken to produce ‘calmer’ networks. This year we experienced 3,077 bursts compared to our target 3,100

  • Our value for money index is based on in depth telephone surveys with customers who know the value of their bill. This year we achieved a score of 69.6 out of 100 which is similar to our restated 2015/16 performance when we scored 69.5 out of 100