Our Business Plan

2020 to 2025

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On 18 July 2019 Ofwat published its Draft Determination on our Business Plan and we submitted our response to Ofwat on 30 August 2019. Our submission included the following documentation:

Draft Determination






Ofwat will publish its Final Determination for all companies on 11 December 2019.


Revised Business Plan for 2020 to 2025

After our Business Plan for 2020 to 2025 was submitted to Ofwat in September 2018 after a review from Ofwat we received feedback from them in January 2019. We have carefully listened to Ofwat’s feedback and improved our September plan in a range of specific areas to deliver even more for our customers and communities.

We are going to do more for less, by:

  • Reducing the average household bill. We now plan to reduce our average bill by 1.6% in real terms by 2025 compared to an increase of 2.1% in our September Plan;

  • Stretching ourselves further through our commitments, including on leakage where we have increased our reduction target from 15% to 18.5% (equivalent to 30 Ml/d);

  • Adding additional commitments that are dedicated to supporting customers in vulnerable circumstances, and those who will benefit from our Priority Services Register.

All the detail is included in our Revised Plan below.





Business Plan for 2020 to 2025