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30 May 18

All aboard for the Surrey Care Trust!

Surrey Care Trust, a charity based in Woking, Surrey has received a donation of £2,400 thanks to Affinity Water’s Community Engagement Programme.


Surrey Care Trust supports disadvantaged young people and adults with learning, training and mentoring to help improve their lives.


The charity holds outdoor classrooms on boats where trained volunteers deliver life skill courses, river experiences and environmental volunteering opportunities up and down the River Wey and the River Thames. These activities encourage interaction with others which helps service users feel less isolated, improve their self-esteem and realise the valuable contributions they can make in their communities.


With the money donated, Surrey Care Trust can continue their work over the next six months and give disadvantaged people a potentially life changing experience.


Rachel Perez-Lofty, Senior Fundraiser said: “We don’t receive any statutory money for the work we do on our Swingbridge boats and totally rely on the generosity of our volunteers and companies such as Affinity Water. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have this support and thank everyone for helping to make such a difference to people’s lives and the environment!”


Bev Taylor, Chair of the Community Review panel said: “We are pleased to have the chance to support Surrey Care Trust. Affinity Water is a community-focused organisation serving local people and we want to be involved in projects which benefit the communities we serve.”

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