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14 February 19

School inspired to take action on pollution


Pupils from Marsh Academy School


In February the Affinity Water Education team visited Marsh Academy in New Romney to support the students’ work around pollution and the Great British Plastics Challenge.


Team members explained how plastics and other pollutants affect the UK water industry and how we make sure that the water supplied to millions of homes every day remains of the highest quality. They talked about where water comes from and the importance of everyone doing their part to protect this precious natural resource. They also showcased how we work with other industries to reduce potential sources of pollution before they affect natural water sources like rivers and groundwater.


The Year 8 students at Marsh Academy have already reduced their own plastic use by pledging to ditch single-use plastics like straws, bottles and bags. Other students have taken part in community events or spoken to local businesses.


Education Services Manager Hannah Battram said: “The work that has been done by the teachers and Year 8s at Marsh Academy is really inspirational. It’s so important for young people to value our natural environment, including our water sources. We only have one planet and we must all continue to protect our natural resources for our future.”

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