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24 January 18

Affinity Water lends a helping hand to Hertfordshire charity


Isabel Hospice, a charity based in Hertfordshire has received a cash boost of £1,455 thanks to Affinity Waters Community Engagement Fund.


Isabel Hospice is an independent adult hospice providing specialist palliative and end of life care for patients and their families living with life limiting illnesses.


Providing care and support to patients encourages and enables them to retain their independence.



With the money donated a ‘Motomed’ arm trainer has been purchased. The Motomed helps to strengthen and increase mobility for arms and legs and also monitors cardiovascular activity.


Christine Mills, Isabel Hospice said: “Thanks to the funding from Affinity Water the new arm trainer will benefit our patients. The activities run by Isabel Hospice help people learn ways of dealing with their illness and some of the symptoms they may be experiencing".


Adam Warner, Chair of the Community Review panel said: "We are pleased to have the chance to support Isabel Hospice. Affinity Water is a community-focused organisation serving local people and we want to be involved in projects which benefit the communities we serve".


Affinity Water has set up a Community Engagement Programme which offers opportunities for charities and organisations within its community to benefit from Affinity Water resources, expertise or funding.


Details about the Programme and the necessary criteria for support can be found at

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