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04 October 17

Affinity Water helps restore river wildlife


Affinity Water has been working with the Wild Trout Trust and the Environment Agency to help deliver training days on river restoration.


For the fifth year in a row, teams of over 40 professionals have worked along the River Misbourne and the River Lee to help protect the habitat of local chalk streams. The Wild Trout Trust has been sharing the techniques they use to improve the structure of the rivers and habitats for river plants, fish and invertebrates.


Mike Blackmore, Wild Trout Trust said: “Hertfordshire’s chalk streams are some of the rarest and most vulnerable aquatic habitats in the UK. Historic channel modifications have degraded these precious ecosystems, which has been compounded by other human impacts such as pollution..


The Wild Trout Trust in partnership with Affinity Water and the Environment Agency are helping to reverse this trend by helping local organisations learn and enjoy using some simple river restoration techniques.”


Anna Jarmolinska-Nowak, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Affinity Water, said: “As community focused Water Company we understand that working in collaboration with various experts and water users is the best way to share knowledge and skills. The workshops delivered a cost-effective habitat enhancement and improved environmental awareness.’

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