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Children’s pre-school helps save the planet!

28 February 17

Children’s pre-school helps save the planet!


Hawkinge village under 5’s pre-school has received a funding boost of £2,350 thanks to Affinity Water’s Community Engagement Programme.


Hawkinge pre-school has been open since 1979 and over two years ago the school was relocated to new premises. The new centre is now surrounded by large woodland areas where a lot of time is spent with the children learning and playing. With the money donated, the school has been able to purchase equipment to encourage water efficiency and caring for the environment. A water wall has been built at the school to teach children about flow and fluid dynamics using recycled water, a wooden outdoor kitchen with a pump action tap to separate dirty and clean water and giant wooden scales to weigh the water and materials.


Christine McGuiness, Manager at Hawking under 5’s pre-school said: “We are very pleased with this donation from Affinity Water. With the money the children will now be able to develop their skills in numeracy, build their awareness of the aquatic environment and learn how to collect and recycle rain water.”


Adam Warner, Chair of the Community Review panel said: “We are pleased to have the chance to support Hawkinge under 5’s pre-school. Affinity Water is a community-focused organisation serving local people and we want to be involved in projects which benefit the communities we serve.”


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