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06 December 16

Affinity Water and KPMG report considers ways to meet the needs of future customers


Affinity Water and KPMG have today launched a report considering whether new models could form part of the solution to the water resource challenges associated with climate change and a growing population.


The current water sector framework has served customers well for more than 25 years since privatisation - with affordable bills, high quality water and a stable sector that has attracted investment. At a national, regional and local level there are now unprecedented challenges as a result of climate change, population growth and the need to use water more efficiently.


Simon Cocks, Chief Executive at Affinity Water said:


“Today’s report looks at what role companies like ours,  together with  key stakeholders,   could play in helping to create the future. There are a range of possibilities.  Some have been discussed previously and deserve further work and analysis -   such as the introduction of independent system operators to improve efficiency in the  use of resources – conversely some are completely new ideas for consideration.


Our aim with this report is to try and bring these things together in order that we can start to really  focus on the long term and, from our position as Affinity Water, support the continued success of the water sector.  It is vital that we  plan for the future now, so that we can be in the best shape possible, to serve future generations of customers.” 


Click here to view the full report


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