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07 March 16

Meet the team


Our award winning Education Services have recently welcomed some new recruits, who we would like you to meet.


We’re really pleased to welcome Jon, Sarah and Jo, all of whom are experienced teachers with a great mix of backgrounds across Science, Engineering and Geography.


From left: Jonathan Gibson, Sarah Etherington and Joanne Whitaker



Jon has worked as both a primary school teacher and an engineer and previously managed a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) programme with primary and secondary school students.


Fun facts about Jon:

Jon’s favourite ‘watery’ place is the Gullfloss waterfall in Iceland. He states, “I visited the place as a teenager and the sheer size and raw power of the waterfall blew me away!”


When not at work, Jon’s hobbies include cooking, photography and playing football with his little boy.



Sarah has been a field tutor for several years working with primary and secondary school students.


Fun facts about Sarah:

Sarah’s favourite ‘watery’ place is Tsaagan Nuur Lake in Mongolia. Sarah says: “I camped next to it for a week in 2004 and it was so calm and peaceful. We even purified some of the water and drank it.”


In her spare time, Sarah sings in a folk group and performs concerts for elderly people in care homes and her local church.



Jo has a wealth of experience working with both primary and secondary school students and even taught in the USA for a time.


Fun facts about Jo:

Jo’s favourite place is the Chesapeake Bay, a 200 mile long bay on the East coast of the USA. Jo commented: “I spent six months living on a tiny island in the middle of the bay and taught school children about the bay’s ecosystem.”


Jo is also a music enthusiast and spends her spare time playing the saxophone, flute and piano and is currently teaching herself how to play the Ukulele.


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