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How we are planning to meet the changing needs of the future

We recognise that the future security of water resources is uncertain, due to population growth, the need to leave more water in the environment and the potential impact from climate change. There is also uncertainty around how water efficient our customers will be in the future and potential changes in related government and regulator policy.


1. Our Plan allows us to adapt to these uncertainties and deliver solutions.

We are proposing an approach that focuses on reducing demand for water and developing long-term strategic regional water supply options where we would jointly build a new reservoir with a neighbouring water company and transfer water using a canal.

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2. Leakage

We are committed to reducing leakage. In 2015, leakage was around 21% (189 million litres of water per day) of the water we put into supply. By 2025 we will have reduced this down to 15%.

In our Plan, we aim to reduce leakage to between 11% and 13% of water we put into supply by 2045, provided we can do it in an affordable way for customers. This would be a reduction of nearly 50% since 2015.

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3 Options to increase the supply of water

To ensure there is enough water available for future generations and be better prepared to cope with drought, our Plan is proposing two new supply options – a reservoir and a transfer of water via a canal.

3 a) We are proposing to construct a new storage reservoir in Oxfordshire, called the South East Strategic Reservoir, in partnership with Thames Water. The River Thames will be used to transfer water into the area we serve. This will provide an extra 100 million litres of water per day by the late 2030s.

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3 b) We will continue to investigate the potential to transfer treated wastewater via the Grand Union Canal. This would bring water to the area we serve from near Birmingham, where there is a surplus of water available. This could provide an additional 50 million litres of water per day to customers either in the longer term or as an alternative to the reservoir development.

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4. Reducing the amount of water used by each person per day

We have committed to support customers to reduce the amount of water they use each day from the current average of 152 litres per person per day to 129 litres by the end of 2025.

In our Plan, we are aiming to reduce this to between 110 and 120 litres per person per day by 2045, but only if this is affordable for customers and delivered in a way acceptable to them.

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5. Cost of our Plan

Delivering our Plan will mean a rise in customer bills from the 2018 annual average of £171.70 to £193.70 in 2080. This is an increase of 37 pence per year. This figure does not include inflation or wastewater (sewerage) bills.

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