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Financial Overview

Our company credit ratings and debt obligations.



Our long term finance strategy to be able to fund our projects and programmes in AMP6 to lead us to the top of the industry revolves around issuing long term bond debt. We raise finance by attracting investors who in return are offered reliable interest returns. Enabling us to do this we maintain and ensure a good working relationship with our Rating Agencies who have always rated is as a worthwhile wise investment.


Senior Gearing                                                     

Conformed Senior Adjusted Interest Cover  (times)

     31 March 2018       31 March 2018





Credit Ratings

Our debt is rated by Moody's and Standard & Poor's rating agencies. Please find below details of their current ratings, and contact details for the lead analyst should you have any questions concerning these.



Class A  A3
Class B  Baa3
Corporate Family Rating for AWL  Baa1



Standard & Poor's: 

Class A  A-
Class B  BBB



Debt Maturity Profile