Environment Policy


Our vision is to be the leading community focused water company. We are working with our communities, our regulators and government to manage the effect of taking water from sensitive habitats and to maintain flows in local rivers.

We understand the significant impacts of our operations to abstract, treat and distribute high quality safe water to customers. We are committed to continual improvement, prevention of pollution and compliance with environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements applicable to us. We will manage and report on our business plan environmental commitments through our integrated management system.


Managing our water resources

  • We are committed to reducing the amount of water we take from the environment by 42 million litres per day by 2020 and by 70 million litres per day by 2025

  • We are actively monitoring the health of local rivers and the natural water environment through our National Environment Programmes

  • We will promote pollution prevention by raising awareness of how agricultural activity affects water quality

  • We have set a target to reduce leakage levels by 14% by 2020, the equivalent of 27 million litres each day

  • We will implement a water saving programme to encourage customers to ‘save water, save energy, save money’, supported by metering of most households within our ‘water stressed’ area


Managing our land and assets

  • We have put in place programmes to maintain and enhance biodiversity on our landholdings

  • We will have special regard to biodiversity conservation on our Sites of Special Scientific Interest

  • We are committed to maintaining the recreation and amenity facilities on our landholdings for the benefit of local communities

  • We will report annually on our conservation, access and recreation performance


Managing our materials and natural resources

  • We are committed to reducing the amount of waste generated from our activities

  • We will minimise, where possible chemical use in treatment processes whilst maintaining water quality standards


Responding to climate change

  • We are adapting to climate change by ensuring our services and infrastructure are resilient

  • We prepare drought management plans and we will manage future drought related events to maintain resilience to extreme weather conditions

  • We are committed to optimising our energy use and reducing our green house gas emissions


Working with our contractors and suppliers

  • We will set a strategy for carbon accounting across our procurement processes

  • We will work collaboratively to reduce the amount of material sent to landfill