Our Drought Management Plan

Every five years we produce a Drought Management Plan which outlines the actions we would take during a drought. This replaces our previous Drought Management Plan which was published in 2013.


How could this affect you?

The plan outlines the temporary restrictions we could place on customer usage during a drought and the actions we would take to ensure customers have enough water throughout such an event.


The plan

Please find below our summary leaflet and a full copy of the Plan.

Our drought permit Environmental Assessment Reports are available to view at our Hatfield or Folkestone offices by appointment only. If you would like to make an appointment please email DMG@affinitywater.co.uk


Response to the public consultation

Between August and October 2017, we carried out an eight week public consultation on our draft plan. We are grateful to those who made representations to the Secretary of State on the plan. Our response to these comments is included in our Statement of Response below.

This document details each of the representations made on our Plan, and explains whether we have made changes to the Plan as a result. Where we have not made changes as a result of comments, we have explained why.

Along with our Statement of Response we submitted a revised draft Drought Management Plan to the Secretary of State, and in July 2018 we were given the go-ahead by Defra to publish our Plan as final, incorporating minor changes to ensure alignment with our WRMP19, as well as lessons learnt from the dry weather situation in 2017/2018.


National Security

Our draft Drought Management Plan 2017 has been written in accordance with section 37B of the Water Industry Act 1991 (as amended by the Water Act 2003), and follows guidance outlined in Defra SEMD Advice Note AN11. No information has been excluded from the plan on the grounds of national security.

The Environmental Assessment Reports (EARs) relating to our drought permits contain site specific information relating to our operational assets, so these are not available online. Paper copies of these reports are available to view at our head office in Hatfield, and summaries of the EARs are included within the main Drought Management Plan document.

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